by josephzizys

So I thought i would start leveraging my Internet Literacy by writing a few blog posts, getting myself some moo cards, re-writing my resume and saving it as a pdf, then I thought I would start looking for a job that suits. I am current,y working in admin for a community development agency, but they keep getting me to do tech support and not paying me for it! So I figure if I am going to be made the defacto ICT officer at every NGO I work at, I might as well get paid for it…

I found out about Moo cards over at boingboing and have loved the idea from afar ever scince, now I am finally going to try it out, this first time with designs from thier site, later with some pics of my own.

I have a couple of disused websites out there, this wordpress number and one over at geocities. Hopefully I can update them both over the coming weeks and get them looking super impressive. I suppose I will aim to find this new job by the new year, that gives me time to think things through.