by josephzizys

I am realizing that I am wayyy to busy to do all the stuff I talked about last time, I have a four month old son at home, work 4 days a week as an admin (and unpaid tech support guy), study for a Diploma of Community Welfare, and also try to keep up my reading and browsing, as well as do my daily meditation and try to keep the house somewhat in order and occasionally talk to my wonderful partner Katie.

I have this interest in Buddhism, more than an interest really, I am a Buddhist, so I am this guy, you know, who comes from this European background and like totally and seriously beliveves in and practices this religion I have learn’t about from old books, but I can’t get into any of the contempory east-asian traaditions because I find them all a bit weird and junk, oh I don’t know, did I metion I got knocked back for a job today? I know I didn’t but I am now, I applyed for this fantastic job at my org facilitating a multifaith workshop that would bring together young people with faith-figures from diverse communities here in Melbourne, it would have been sweet, but they said i am not qualified, dude, I am not qualified for anything it seems, like what am I supposed to do? I have wicked skillz but no one wants em, sheesh, sux.

I…I… I don’t know, whatever.

I am typing lying on the floor on this cwl little X22 and I don’t know if it is the most conducive posture, also my nails are slightly too long 😦