by josephzizys

So anyway I am now writing this within a ubuntu system for the first time. So far things that annoy me are that every time I need to edit a system file it turns out to be read only and root has the write permissions and no-one writing the tutorials explains how I edit the files. They just say; ‘Open flie blah and append this line’ and I’m like, Ok, fine, and I open the file, append the line, go to save, but I can’t because fucking root has the permissions. I know I can ‘sudo’ but I only know haw to do that from a terminal, and I am opening my files to edit the normal way, by browsing in the windows system to the file and double clicking it.


So here is a suggestion that I wil try. It didn’t work, turns out I dont know how to use Nano, I’ll try to guess how to do it with gedit. Ok, that worked, now I should have enabled automatic passing of my login password to my default keyring and will therefore only have to login once as per






Wont know until I reboot though.


As you can see the Linux life is a tedious bore, even with Ubuntu, but I like it better than windows on philosophical and educaitonal grounds. It’s also given me something to write about today.




led to this;


Which looks very helpful, I will try it now.


Nope, failure again, The ‘simplified’ instructions on page two didn’t work, no such file or directory in my ubuntu installation. I will have to keep reading in the hope of a simplified ‘simplified’ version.


Ubuntu is a great tool, and it has amazing resourses in terms of user forums where people share ideas on how to overcome hurdles, but the idea that it ‘just works’ is clearly ludicris. I love it, but it does not come even close to ‘just works’. Maybe in Hardy Heron.


Elliot slept through the night for the second night in a row last night, which is exciting. I can hear him now, Katie will probably feed him so I wont go get him.


We seem to need to put a certain amount of pressure on ourselves. I have to hand in my dole forms today, write 1000 words, meditate for 45 minutes, see my parents at 2.30, visit the gym and work out, help Katie with Elliot and facilitate her in her two nominated priorities; doing some gardening every day and working on her thesis every day, and of course we have to find time to eat, do dishes, keep the house tidy, do laundry and shop for food.


It’s tough. I have felt the pressure last couple of days. Soon school will start and that will be another pressure on top of things.


So the way i’ll break it down this morning, despite wanting to go to the gym early, is to finish up this piece, meditate for 45 minutes, then Elliot and Katie will probably be up, I will assist if I can, have some breakfast, then print out some bank details and head off to hand in my forms to the Dole Office. Then I will come home, if it is still early I will head off to the gym, if not I will await my parents, have afternoon tea with them and then go to the gym. Then I will come home, take care of Elliot for Katie to garden etc and hand him over when she is done and do the dishes. Then Katie will hand Elliot back and make tea, and thats the plan.


Every day I have a plan. I would love to just be able to take it easy for a while, but it doesn’t seem to be in my nature at the moment. I suppose my taking it easy time is now, before Katie and bub are up, writing, meditating. Mostly meditating. Yesterday was a good session. I am extrememly poor at meditating, but I still manage to drag a little peace or a small learning from each morning.


Yesterday i changed my posture late in my session, my back on one side was hurting and my front leg on the opposite side was too, so I got into a pseudo half lotus which was great. A full lotus seems like it would be easily the most stable posture for sitting, I was obsessed for a while with learning how to do it, and streaching and doing yoga, but it took away time for my actual meditative practice so eventually I gave up. Just not flexible enough. Maybe one day.


Ug, Ubuntu just crashed again, it is crashing a lot for me, I went to change the time, and it just hanged, whirring away like it was plotting intersteller trajectories or something, so I had to manually reboot. Also, the auto keyring thing didn’t work, maybe because of the crash, I don’t know. Lots of kinks still to be ironed out in this operating system, let me tell you.


So here I am, winding up another days writing, using Ubuntu for the first time in ages as an actual tool. Despite it’s flaws it has promise, and the fact that push come to shove I could actualy edit and recompile the kernal of the operating system to change the way it behaves to better suit me is a comforting thought. Thats what I dislike about Windows, the facism.


I am anticipating a stress filled time at the dole office, as I hand in everything they ask for only to be told a week from now that my application can’t be assesed as they need another document that they didn’t ask for last time. Oh well, hopefully it all works out. School starts in 2 weeks after all, and my monry will run out by the end of March. I can handle living on a pittance if I can be a student. I can always look for casual and part time work for extra bannanas after all.


Oh God Please let me get Austudy!