about the unfinished story

by josephzizys

Ok, thats enough for now, now I have to worry about the tone of the story, it’s night, and she dosen’t look through her window at night, so the scene is transformed both in perspective and in lighting, how does it affect her? Does she react as a shut in might, terror, paranoia, disfunction? am I going for a realist thing here? or does she go with wonderment, or what? I don’t know. Also what about the world I am releasing her into? Is there a boy to find? will she find him? Is it predominately a friendly world, like Belinda, or an indifferent one, like the drunks? or malevolent? Is it cold or warm? What is Lizzy wearing? Should I continue to make Pride and Prejudice references? Decisions. What about food?


I don’t know what I should do, I guess it would be good to try to work up some kind of a story plan, I don’t even know how long a story it should be, I guess its a couple of thousand words at the moment, she has escaped the tower, so thats act the first out of the way, or at least the prelude, now she has to find a way to survive in the city, find the boy and live happily ever after, I guess maybe ten thousand words should do it? I don’t know. So far I have been writing just as the word took me along, not knowing the story at all really, just seeing where it would lead me, now I really dont know, I don’t know what to have happen now that Lizzy is on the lawn in front of the flats.


So perhaps I will think about it through the day and maybe take some notes, any ideas would be appreciated, I’m still fairly new to this after all.

Also I will need to proof read and edit what I already have, I guess if you’ve read the previous posts you can tell that no editing or proofing whatsoever was done to them before posting, I just hit my last full stop and then copyed and pasted, but I suppose now might be a good time to clean it up a bit.


Ok, I think thats enough for now, I will post this up too and then go do something else.


hope you stay tuned for the next installment!