unfinished story part three

by josephzizys

She heard it before it happened, a kind of a low hum, so she was anticipating something when the mirror split in two and the wave of people flooded out past her into the corridor. She stood rooted to the spot looking for the direction she could run, but the crowd seemed not to notice her at all, and as they walked by her did not even seem to see her, and for one wild moment she thought perhaps that she was invisible, and then , wilder still, that she had just dreamed the little boy, that no one could possibly see her, and so he had been a mirage, and then a voice said “going down sweetheart?”


The little girl, arms folded in to her chest and rooted to the spot where the flurrry of people had swept past her, burst into tears, unable to speak, not sure where he voice had come from that had spoken to her.


A hand at her shoulder and kneeling down at her level a woman of large proportion, young, with kind eyes said “Are you all right, did they frighten you? they’re drunks, don’t worry they’re gone now, do you want to ride the lift with me? I’ll help you? ok.”


The sounds of the woman’s voice soothed the little girl, she felt able, with the woman’s help, to step into the lift, and let the woman guide her there with her hand at her shoulder.


“feeling better now?”


She nodded.


“whats your name?”


The little girl did not know.


“I’m Belinda” said Belinda, “What’s your name?”


Feeling a rising panic the little girl cast about in her mind and said;




Her first words for she she knew not how long.


“Thats a nice name Lizzy, where are you going sweetheart, it’s late, are you mother or father waiting for you?”


“Yes” she lied,


“on the street”


“fine” said Belinda with a smile, and pressed the ground floor button.


Lizzy was not sure what had prompted her to choose this particular name, nor what divine inspiration had caused her to nominate the street at the place her parents waited for her. But she had, and her elation knew no bounds as it swept over her, replacing her terror with something approaching joy. And then they fell, she could feel it, she was falling, lurching, moving, she knew somehow that this little room behind the mirroe was magical and that it was taking her away, towards freedom, towards that little boy who had waved to her, and called her forth from her high tower and into the world.


At the ground floor the doors opened and the dark street lay before them, Belinda smiled down at her; “I have to go up again sweetie, catch up with the other drunks, it’s my flat they’re all trashing and I’d like to be there to protect it.”


Lizzy nodded, not really listening, peering out past her at the world outside.

“ok then, of you go” smiled Belinda, gently pushing on Lizzy’s shoulder, and sheparding her outside of the lift.


“Very nice to meet you Lizzy” as the lift doors closed, leaving Lizzy once more alone, standing before the giant mirror, but this time the mirror reflected her back, as she is looking out across the lawn at the street she had looked on so many times from such a different vantage point. And she smiled to herself.