unfinished story part four and about the unfinished story part c

by josephzizys

The little girl stood outside her building. She was standing underneath the flats, on a paved section surrounded by a large lawn. Her building was one of three towers on the block, paths led from tower to tower and from tower to the streets that ran on each side of the block. On the lawn there was childrens play equipment and a basketball court. Lizzy had never seen the play equipment, she had lived on the other side of the tower and her windows looked out onto the street, not onto the lawn. So she had never watched children play. It was dark and the paths where lit by lights. Lizzy had not looked out of the window very often at night, and was not sure where she was or what she was looking at. She looked around slowly, trying to see anything familir, but she could not. looking up at the building she saw window after window, but coulnd not see hers.


After some time standing by the lift the Lizzy decided that she must find the place where the little boy had waved to her. She would walk around the whole block, looking out towards the lawns until she found a spot that looked familiar, then work out where the spot was that he had been. Immediately putting her plan in to action, Lizzy set off; clockwise round the building.


Walking along the lawn Lizzy could hear the cars and people in the street, noises that she had never heard before, and she was frightened, but determined, and anyway she was careful and she could see that no one was nearby. Coming to the corner of the tower Lizzy peaked around and seeing the coast clear, and sensing some dull intuition, she ran as fast as she could to the next corner, and immediately recognised the view from her window, now laid out before her like a scene from the television where before she had always seen it from above.


* * *


I am really struggling with this today, I have been distracting myself by looking up stuff about WordPress; how to install it on Ubuntu, how to moneterize it, plugins, themes, you name it, anything to avoid writing about Lizzy. I think I might benefit from going back over what I have and cleaning it all up a bit, I know I said yesterday i wouldn’t but what the hell, I contradict myself. I feel compressed like I have this short space of time but a lot to say, and each thing I say seems like it is just a hint or a marker requiring elaboration and expansion but if I skip over them when I come back they are dead and inert and arn’;t amenible to elaboration anymore. It’s horrible.


I was telling my sister about my cafepress shop the other day, speaking of moneterization, and she and my brother both agreed to provide designs for items there. They are both talented visual artists, while I am more of a word guy. Anyway, we got very excited about the prospect of putting some designs on there, at the moment there is just one badge for sale, that has a picture of my maternal granmothers mother, my great grandmother, Bec on it, you can buy one if you want to show your support for Bec, or me, here.


I have decided to install WordPress here on my local machine, and pimp it up a bit with some discreet money things, like affiliate links to Amazon for the books I mention, a few ads for my cafepress store and maybe a give me paypal money for nothing box.


Part of it is greed I guess but I am much more interested in it from the simple angle of learning about contemporary self publishing, and web technology and all that. I have always been a bit of a geek searching for the area that I am a geek in and never quite settling down, this is the flavour of the year i suppose.


If I do this it will also probably mean i will need to re-write and clean up all my other posts, putting in links where there should be, mentioning the books I indicate vaguely with enough specificity for Amazon, etc etc, so I am preparing the ground for some proofing and editing on my stuff pre one hundred thousand words I guess.


I will still write my one thousand words a day, and I might try to publish new piesces ones a week or something, and perhaps put up older pieces every now and again until I have everything online.


Also categories, I havn’t categorized anything, and tags, only a couple of posts have tags, ohhh, and my blogroll is anemic and I have some great sites to put in that…. it goes on and on.


I suppose I will wrap up there, I have dobbed myself in for some extra work in the coming weeks now, writing and reading!? doh!


Katie is off at mothers group now, so I will do my meditation, and then I will act on another plan I have in the works, a plan to build my own ubuntu based MythTV pvr! I will head out to North Melbourne and find some good prices on tuner cards and hard drives and ram and etc etc and then maybe spend a little moola. I want to build a decent pvr that can record multiple channels to hard disk, demux, and burn stuff to dvd in the format of my choice, as well as show me television and alow me to rewind, pause and recored as I like. All for under 400 dollars. I also want it to be on my home wireless netwoek, to have a wireless rf keyboard and mouse, to be open source and to generally rock my world.


What I want ot do with it is take ads and stuff out of their context and record lame voice overs and remix them etc, a bit of fun and a project I think Katie might also like to involve herself with.


Yours, etc