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by josephzizys

Barack Obama has more of the popular vote, more delegates and more states. Hillary has more super-delegates but they are free to change their minds at any time. If all super-delegates, or almost all of them , where to go over to Obama, then his lead would be substantialy greater. The writing is on the wall. If Hillary does not desisivly win both Ohio and Texas, then she is out of the race and we have a Obama vs McCain election.

Such an Election would play strongly into the hands of Obama. McCain is the perfect target for Obama’s message of change. And McCain shares Obama’s lack of economic focus, so the economy as an issue is somewhat sidelined as niether candidate will be able to claim it as a strength.

If Obama can make Ohio and Texas close, then the nomination begins to look like it is his for the taking. i for one am excited about the prospect. And, if the two candidates can survive the process without too much acrimony, then it seems to me that Hillary Clinton is the obvious choice for running mate. She will strengthen Barack’s appeal to women and hispanics, and create a perception of experience to temper the boldness and newness of Obama’s persona.

From an outsiders perspective another opportunity that an Obama presidency brings to the table is the possibility that for the first time in recent history there might be a president in the Whitehouse who would engage with Africa with some level of commitment and geniuine interest. Africa, as Jared Diamond and others have said, is the great global issue of our time. A continent bathed in blood, disease and poverty, crumbling institutions and resurgnet tribalisms, Africa needs the world and the world needs a stable and peacful, prosperous Africa. Obama could be the man to energise that much more than Tony Blair and Bob Gledof could.

Elsewhere in the world there is much afoot. In Pakistan elections near wherein the only major opposition candidate has been assasinated and replaced by her 19 year old son. In neigbouring Afganistan a resurgent Taliban continue to render the country a no go zone for anyone except the armies of forign powers, in Iraq things seem hardly better, an occupying power still rules, and there is as yet no clear indication what kind of government will emerge when they are gone. Russia slides slowly back into thugishness while wars rage on in Sudan, Chad and the Congo.

The global econemy has entered a period of major uncertanty as stock markets vasilate and more and more people default on their loans.

The worls seems in for some intersting times in 2008.

Closer to home My government has issued an historic apology to the indigenous people of Australia for the treatment dealt out to them by sucsessive governements of the past, especially for the policy of forced removal that led to what is called here the ‘stolen generation’, a generation in which as many as one in three indigenous children where forcibly taken from their families to be raised in white foster homes.

I am proud of my governments apology, proud that I voted for the party that gave it, and still deeply ashamed of the harrowing gulf that lies between the quality of life of most migrants to this country and the indigenous peoples who have lived here for fifty thousand years.

Inflation is the other buzzword floating around here. The reserve bank of my country continues to raise rates rather than lower them, trying to combat inflation that sits at around four percent. Houses in my coun try are ridiculously inflated in price, growing at thirty percent per year in some places. Those of us without mortgages or homes of our own wait for the bubble to burst, and hope that the suffering is not to great.

Personally I wait to hear from my government about my application for Austudy, the stipend available to persons undertaking full time study. If I don’t receive it I will have to seek employment in addition to my full time university study and my part time welfare work course. I hope I am able to avoid this outcome, as it would probably entail me deffering university study yet again, and there are only so many times that a person can attempt something before persistance beginns to look like foolhardyness.

Today I am going to pick up the new computer that Katie will be using to write her thesis. She is locked into using Microsoft because her supervisor wants to use the track changes feature to exchange drafts in Word format via email. I am hoping that no such problem exists for my using Ubuntu in my online study at Open Universities Australia.

Elliot is well, he stayes up too late last night while we watched Me, You and Dupree, which was ok, not great, I would give it a “C”.

I continue to intend to plan some more of my fairy story, I have a book that was given to me by the people at CMYI called First Draft in 30 Days and I hope to use it to do some character sketches and a novel plan with it.

I have become an Amazon Affiliate, so I will try to link to the above title with an affiliate link, so that if you want to buy the book, you can click on the link and purchase the book from Amazon and I will get a referal fee.

Hot Dog.

Ok, yet another day posting random stuff to WordPress, but I need more mental space and stuff to do the story and I still want to write my thousand a day, so here it is, read it and weep.