more on the unfinished story and meditation

by josephzizys

There was once a princess who was trapped in a high tower that was gaurded by an evil orge. A prince, passing by the tower, signaled to her, but she did not answer him, and he left. One day, while the orge was sleeping the princess escaped. Down in the grounds of the tower at night she was afraid and tried to run away. Coming to a village she spied a festival where strange creatures danced and cavorted.

* * *

School today, and I can’t write my story at all, total blank. I guess I should probably meditate now while I have the chance. I will see you on the flip side! Just let me finish my tea. It’s been hot the  last few days, hot again today before a change tomorrow. I have been reading a bit about Objectivism because of a link over at about Bioshocks use of Objectivst motifs, love the picture of the suit guy.

I guess I could actually buy and run games now that I have a pc box here. Anyway, teas gone, so it’s off to meditate, I’ll come back and try to weave it all together, hah!

* * *

Back again.

Maybe she could catch a train! Like a silver serpent or whatever, the revelers could coral her onto the train and it could take her to the end of the line where she would see the countryside and get off and there could be a sunrise… hmmm, it’s night, last train would take her out but she wouldn’t see anything much in the dark, still i like the idea.

So she gets taken by train to the outer burbs/countryside and spends time there, lost. Eventually she has to come back, find the boy and live happily ever after, but before she can she needs to learn the courage to journey on the serpent again and the faith that the boy can be found. I guess she would have to meet someone wise and learn these things off them in the country.

I could even have her visit the monastery! (the Buddhist monastery in Warburton I have visited before.)

Anyway, I guess she comes back to town and runs into trouble, the idea of involving child services in some way has been growing on me, maybe they can have an ambivilant quality, at first apearing to be working for her evil father (from her perspective) then letting her stay with the boys family or something.

I still don’t know how she will find the boy, I guess if the child services people give her back to her dad, maybe he is marching her home and they walk past the local school and the little girls is looking on in awe and amazement at the playground full of children and just as she passes, way back in the playground, she catches a glimpse of the boy and determins to get back to the school.

Maybe she can then be locked in her room with a lock and she has to really escape again.

* * *

Meditation is good for creativity.

Meditation is also sometimes a struggle. You can’t sit still, you can’t concentrate, sexual fantasies invase your mind, your back hurts, you feel sick in your stomach, you can’t settle, you fidgit, you lie down, you sit up, you keep asking yourself ‘is it almost over?’. Afterwards you think; ‘That wasn’t meditation, what a waste’.

But it is never a waste. Even if you don’t achive calm you still discipline yourself and your mind, you are still closer to calm than when you started, provided you keep trying. Sometimes you can have days of trying with little success, but you are laying the groundwork, and learning all the time. And even when you feel like it ‘didn’t work’ you still find yourself better able to write, less constipated, more prepared for your day, slightly cleverer, something, always something, if you have repeatedly tried to focus your mind on you breathing and relax your body and mind, you will benefit.

* * *

Vis-a-vis the Objectivism I guess I can’t go for it because it gives the impression of greedy kind of amoral loonies in suits, very well captured by the Bioshock pic on boingboing. I guess that is fundementally why I don;t go for it, I havn’t read any of Ayn Rand’s works, the impression is enough to forstall me, I glance at the wikipedia article and it says that objectivism posits an external reality independent of mind, and thats a big no no for a Buddhist like myself right there.

A lot of times you have ot take a position on a philiosophy or something, and to be absolutely fair you should read all the litereture, wiegh it all up and make up your mind, but you would end up dead long before you could do that with even just the major branches of human knowledge so you have ot develop a sense of where your at and whats not where your at, and Objectivism is one of those places I’m not.

* * *

So I guess my little girl story is taking on elements that are kind of like Don Quixote, in that I am definitely feeling like I want to make more use of her story book moulded percepttions to describe a modern world; the train as serpent, the commision flats as tower etc etc, I like that there is at least a guide out there in Quixote, and probably the best guide you could have, really, for writing a novel. Thats another thing, I think my story is a novel.

I want to write a novel in the style of the Waters of the Wonderous Isle by Morris using the device of a protagonist with a story book perception of their surroundings ala Don Quixote. There, that makes it all sound so simple.

At least I have a couple more plot points out of todays work. And a more explicit over-arching idea. Pans Labarinth is also a visual inspiration. I suppose I will leave it at that, I can hear my baby crying.

* * *

Elliot is up and playing on his rug, I am going to finsish up here and prepare myself mentally for school. It will be nice to see Bianca, and hopefully Steven and Caroline too, I wonder how everyone is and who we will get for our first class.