more random whimsy

by josephzizys

My house now has a real home wireless network for the first time, in that I have shared folders on both windows and linux machines fully visible one to the other, a shared internet connection, and soon, a network printer. I am now also setting up extra port forwards for the bittorrent clients on the other machines, sweet!

My Welfare Diploma restarts tommorrow, I am glad we have out I.T setup up and running smoothly so that both of us can study effectively, hopefully. Katie has been having some great ideas for her thesis, now that we have the new box set up I hope she takes the opportunity to write them down! I still don;t know the requirements from my Open Uni course, I hope Open Source Computing is AOK with OUA.

Meditation this morning benifited greatly I thought from an Alexander Technique technique I picked up doing an introductory course some time ago, it is where you roll a balnket into a tube and place it under you back at the midpoint as you lie flat on the ground, it hurts but as you relax into it you realise that your ‘holding’ your spine, and that you can let go, although I havn’t been able to let go completely.

I have poor posture, I collapse my chest into my stomach and roll my head back towards the upper back, and consequently my hips roll forward causing an amplifieying of the curve of my lower back. This all combines to make me look more overwiegt than I am, and to give me ‘man-boobs’. I know that it is my posture that is largly responsible because when I thrust out my pelvis anf lean back and try to stand as tall as I can I look fine (though I am still not skinny). I would love to be able to correct it, and Alexander Technique seems a very promising possiblitiy, but I feel more comfortable with one on one lessons, and they are expensive. So I work on things slowly and painfully on my own. A good posture is a great aid to meditation.

I have been sleeping in recently, not waking until about eight A.M, which is an hour later than I was getting up a month ago, so I have been meditating in the morning before Katie and Elliot get up but have to write throughout the day. So if there is smoething of a disjointed quality to this, you know why. Another problem is that I work in the loung room on the floor, with no desk or anything, just a little coffee table and my x22, katie comes and goes, there isn’t any privacy, ahhh for a study. I have thought about parking the car in the street and refurbishing our garage as a study, that would be pretty cool, I don’t know if th ewireless access would reach there unboosted, I’ll have to take the x22 out there and see one of these days.

School starting is sort of exciting, although I am much more excited about OpenUni than Welfare, welfare will give me a chance to step back in at the shallow end I guess. It will be interesting to see who is still there, last year we had an atttrition rate that was terrible, seemed like almost every week that someone dropped out, the teaching really was pretty terrible though, a lot of people in the industry go and get there Cert 4’s in Training and Assesment because they suck at their jobs and want a cushy life at a Tafe, and that is certaintly what we got in the second semester last year. In fact I would bet that if the same teachers are assigned this semester about 3 or 4 people more will immediately drop out. It was that bad.

My parents are coming over today. It is lovely when they visit, but I think that soon it will be even more handy to have them babysit Elliot at times so that Katie and I can study.

Ok, so investigating things it apears that accessing my brother dcp 115c connected to my XP machine from my Feisty box using Samba. Oh well, I guess I have to be patient.

My parents have been and gone, Katie and I still have work to do, Elliot isn’t sleeping well in this heat. We have an ancient air conditioner that I have switched on, but at best it cools half a room (the bottom half). I will take little man for an hour later to let Katie focus on her thesis writing. She will use our new pc, that has been set up so nicely 🙂

I will try to flip through First Draft in 30 Days this evening in the hope of returning in some fashion to the story of the little girl, who is not called Lizzy anymore I have decided. Maybe I should call her Katrina, or perhaps not. Still not putting as many links in these things as I should, I am sure there are plenty of things I could be linking to, like the Pebbles collection I am listening to at the moment, or the Rufus Wainwright album, Poses.

oh well, write first, link later I guess, after all, I am at least posting to WordPress, thats some concession to the 21st century after all.

For my last one hundred words I would like to spend some time wasting yours with useless waffle like offal that serves merely to pleas me and to annoy you and yours, but were it not for us bores there wouldn’t be any words for a penny or a pund never making a sound when reading aloud due to absense of material. There is still a place where every word is a waste and there isn’t any waste because if it is to your taste then there is some small grace for the likes of me and mine to shim and shine and craft and crime our wasy through these most unidle time, fine.