religion studies, hoffa and the return of teh 60’s

by josephzizys

I received the readings and unit guide for one of my subjects yesterday! Rel 12; Myth, Ritual and the Sacred. I am studying it through Open Universities Australia and the unit i soffered by the University of South Australia. It’s very exciting, the unit is divided into thirteen weeks, with study questions given each week on different topics, the unit is assesed by the grading of responses to two of these study questions in the form of brief notes, and one essay, five hundred words for the notes, one thousand five hundred for the essay.

The other subject I am taking this period is Rel 15, Buddhist Studies, and that is the subject I am more interested in. I am therefore glad that the readings for rel12 came first, so that I could give them my undivided attention. March 3 is only a couple of weeks away, thats when I start.

I am trying to work on my posture, and I think I have made progress, I am noticing more that I am relaxing the clenching that I usually hold in my chest with, it creates a kind of gut churning feeling to unclench, but I think it is better for my back, hopefully over time and with patience I can completely unkink that ol’ spine of mine.

Ten in a row! Hooray for Obama! I also noticed on RealClearPolitics that he is closing in the polls in Ohio! I hope he can at least break even in one of Texas or Ohio, because if he does I think more superdelegates will break to him (publiclly) and Clintons campaign will effectively be over, more states, more votes, more delegates, bigger margins in his wins and a better chance of beating McCain accourding to the polls, what more can Obama do? If he holds his ground in Texas or Ohio, if Clinton’s wins are not in the double digits, then the race is over.

Elliot is beginning to roll in th ebed. He sleeps with us in a king size four poster that is more than a meter off the ground and he has started rolling over onto his stomach in the morning and trying to crawl. Time for confinement in the cot, methinks! We have been putting him to bed in the cot, but he joins us in the night and dosen’t like to go back, but he i snow definitely at risk, so we will just have to make it work.

Meditation was a drowsy affair this morning, I often grapple with drowsyness as I meditate forst thing in the morning, for a while I was writing first with a nice cup of black tea but with Elliot waking early you have to take youe opportunities and writing can be done in spurts through the day.

Speaking of writing I am diefinately going to devote thirteen of my thousand word days to the study questions in my rel 12 unit. I will probably do the same for rel 15 assuming that the structure is similar. So that will give a little structure to things for a while.

My wordpress blog got it’s highest ever hit-count the other day, which ws very exciting, I have started obsessivly watching my day to day graph of visitors, hoping to maintain my growth, it is pretty sad, but there you go. Yesterday there was a big drop off, but I think in wordpress time it is still yesterday so maybe I will get a few more hits.

Now the Teamsters are backing Obama! Can it get any worse for Clinton? Uniion support, better numbers amongst women in Wisconsin, he’s going form strength to strength. Our recent election here was a feel good story too, but it was more about getting rid of an bitter old man than about the alternative leader, who is hard-working and nerdy and has no charisma at all. Still watching his deputy, Julia Gillard in the parliament really makes me hopeful for a future female Australian Priminister.

Wow. I just realised there is another Jimmy Hoffa running the Teamsters! Freaky! a corrupt Republican, a charismatic young Democrat, Jimmy Hoffa running the Teamsters, a foreign was that is sapping the Nations will, what the hell is going on in America right now?

I love the 60’s, they are the decade before I was born, when man dared to dream, landed on the moon, invented pop music, created modern feminism, civil rights, the counter-culture, it was definitely an interesting time, and I am glad it’s coming back.

My internet connection is slowing way down when I am running utorrent on the pc, I must have a setting somewhere that needs tweaking… piracy will never take over legitimate purchasing until they can iron out these damn bugs I tell ya’!

I could do with some breakfast, I wonder what I’ll get? Maybe some bread for eggs and mushrooms on toast? Did I tell you about the awsomely disgusting sandwich I made with eggs, tomato sauce, cheese, butter, salt, pepper and mushrooms the other day? It was great, I won;t tell you what I got up too while I was eating that!

Oh yeah, money too, thats another thing Obama is ahead in, money. I recakon he’s there. only double digit wins to Clinton in Ohio and Texas can drag this out longer, and even then I think he would go to the convention and win over the superdelegates.

So it’s off to make breakfast, tweak utorrent, try to find a slot for a soundcard in the pc, futher prepare for study, burn some dvd’s, play with little man, maybe check out my favourite local second hand bookshop, Fully Booked up on High st, it is cool but clear today, looks lovely outside, like a nice early Autumn day.

I still havn’t heard from Austudy yet, a lot depends on me having at least some kind of income for this year while I endeavour to once again commence an undergraduate degree. I hope they get back to me soon, if I need to work I need to apply for a work based assessment for the Diploma course which changes things around a bit, anyway, it’s all too potentially horrible to think about, I just hope I get Austudy.