a message to you rudie.

by josephzizys

Ahhh wordpress, I keep meaning to write, but never find the time.  I want to tell you about open source, and Buddhism, and my life, my studies, all that has been going on, my son, my lover, my work… I want to link you up to all the wonderful shows and music and books I have been reading and watching and listening too, and thinking about, and I want to tell you everything, everything… I have had a fall, metaphorically speaking, I managed, am managing, to study and write and do the things I set out to do, but circumstances have forced me to re-evaluate, to re-asses, to cast my plans anew.  A temporary retreat is neccecitated.  I still cant spell my love, my non-existant lover, mistress of the thoughts that finding no expresion in my private life are cast upon your surface and the public sphere. Spider and I is playing, webcast by Orb from my pc to my wii thu my tv and netgear router and on and on it goes, this was the song Dean kept for himself you know. smile. where they good times? Are these? certaintly much joy has come into this life, I am hopefull for his vipassana practice, it is nice to have the company.  Are we as unconcious of Death as the Victorians where of Sex? In the Night Garden, all about a dead sailor who cannot rest in the afterworld, stars blooming into flowers and red plumes of blood…I am withdrawing from study this week, one semester down, five more to come.

Speak soon.

much love.