Sati, Samadhi, Metta; a sketch to be filled out.

by josephzizys

Could Sati, Samadhi and Metta be three sides of the same process? Sati, mindfulness of the body, sensations, perceptions and feelings, Samadhi, concentration of the mind into the states of Jhana or absorptions, and Metta, Karuna, Mudita, Upakkha; love, compassion, joy and calm. Three meditation instructions from the Suttas.  All conditioned.

Sati: Mindfulness of the body is the condition for mindfulness of sensations, of sensations for perceptions, and of perceptions for feelings.  Samadhi: each Jhana is the ground for the next.  Metta: with love as ground, compassion, with compassion as ground, joy, with joy as ground, calm.

Sati: Behavioural, the act of mindfulness, an act applied to the body, to sensation, to perception, to feeling.  Samadhi: Cognitive, stepping sequentially away from identifiable activities like verbal thought, evaluation, pleasure and pain.  Metta: Affective, boundless states of feeling leading to perfect calm.

as an aside, is the mindfullness fo the body that examines the 32 parts as a sack of grains, in the self or other,  primarilly a tool for the curbing of lust that arises in the body when thinking about another body? 🙂

oh, and can one be hypnotised to apply applied and sustained thought to concentrating the mind?  why not?