at ceres

by josephzizys

summer is here
the clear air makes colors sharp
even in the morning
the sun is hot

the middle part of the day
will chase us into shade
or air conditioned rooms
but for now…

thoughts come and go
my children keep each other company
and ensure I’m not alone

at home my wife studies
we must take turns –
small birds take what the chickens do not bother with –

today I am of a mind
to have adult conversation
hopeful, I look forward
to chance meetings …

all the rain (did I mention it has rained?)
has made the world green –
even now in the late summer
the flowers are still in bloom

my new straw hat –
where was I?
kishi bishi plays on repeat in my head
my well shaded head

summer and childs play
scatter thoughts on the breeze
did I mention
there is a breeze?