Always returning, always running away…

by josephzizys

I have had this WordPress blog for a long time now, in internet time at least, and I keep coming back, about once a year it seems, and writing something or putting something up, but it never lasts. I guess I have never really been seized with the need to share my writing to the extent that I could sustain a blog like this, you know, with weekly updates. I have a lot more writing than I have put up here of course, but perhaps even the practice of writing itself suffers in some analogous way in me. I of course have my excuses, kids, study, etc etc, but I also think that perhaps I just have not been ready in the past, perhaps I am not ready now, but there is only one way to find out.

So here I am, back again in WordPress land, where one goes when the status updates, tweets and porn have all gone stale and you feel compelled to speak, but no one listens, still, that was never the point of language was it?

I don’t know if this gets automatically published to my Facebook feed, if it does, Facebook friends, feel free to ignore it, nothing to see here, move along and all that, I am just warming up for another sputtering failure to start, if you know me well, you know what I mean.

Much Love,